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During the COVID-19 pandemic most of my classes are being delivered via Zoom. However, there are some studio based classes being taught in accordance with government guidelines.

I want students to understand the precautions I have taken to make sure you feel safe while you are in a class at the studio.

Outside the studio

There is plenty of room for you to stay 2 metres apart as you approach the studio. Please do so. The gate entrance will be open for you (10 minutes before class starts), there is no need to touch the gate or handle.

Entering the studio

The studio door will be opened for you.

  • Do not touch the door handle.
  • Sanitise hands as you arrive.
  • Enter the studio one at a time.
  • Wait for the person in front of you to remove their footwear and walk to their space, before you come in.
  • Bare feet (or socks) only on the carpet please.
  • Remove your footwear before, or as, you enter class, there is an inside entrance mat for you to stand on and do this.
  • You should then walk to your mat within your marked area.
  • Place your personal possessions, including shoes and coat, in the possessions box in your space.

Inside the studio

This is a socially distanced class. We will stay 2 metres apart. You are not required to wear a face mask.

  • You will practice within a marked area, with a mat positioned so it is possible to stretch out without encroaching each otherís space. 
  • You must stay in your own area and not walk on, or touch, another studentís equipment.
  • Mats are positioned so you will not directly face the students nearest you while holding poses. 
  • Windows and (if weather allows) the door will be open, during class, for ventilation. You may want to bring an extra layer if itís cold out.
  • All personal possessions must be kept in the possessions box provided (in your area) during class. 

The studio is cleaned and disinfected before and after class.

Leaving class

When class finishes:

  • You must leave singly, once the studio door is open.  
  • Do not move from your space to leave the studio, until the person before you is outside.
  • Put your shoes back on when you are standing on the entrance mat or outside the studio (if the weather is good there will be seating outside).


If possible, bring your own yoga mat and place it on top of the mat in your space. If you prefer you may use the mat I have laid out in your space.

Blocks and blankets are provided. You should only use the ones in your space. You may bring your own if you prefer.

All equipment provided is disinfected before and after each class.

DO NOT ATTEND if you are required under government guidelines to isolate.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • You (or anyone in your household/bubble) having any symptoms of (or are diagnosed with suffering from) Covid-19.
  • You (or someone in your household/bubble) is for any reason (as per government guidelines) required to self-isolate.

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