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  • When farting is a compliment

    When farting is a compliment

    11th November 2019

    There you are in your yoga class, leaning forward in a wide legged bend when suddenly it happens. A huge fart. So loud the whole class is aware, and you arenít sure whether to pretend it wasnít you or fess up. Personally, I think itís healthy to be open about our bodily functions. We compliment babies on their ability to let their wind out. Trapped wind is excruciating, and (as Shrek says) is ďbetter out than inĒ. One element of yoga is the fact we are moving our body in a way that massages our internal organs, we spend so much time hunched over tablets and computer screens pushing our body into a small space Ė in yoga we stretch, open up and twist our body, massaging and stretching our abdominal tract. Flatulence is caused by a buildup of gas that gets stuck in the digestive tract Ė so when we stretch and move our body we are encouraging our body to expel the gas. Those abdominal twists we do are great for massaging our abdominal organs. My students with Irritable Bowel Syndrome...

  • Text neck - are you a sufferer?

    Text neck - are you a sufferer?

    25th September 2019

    Iím going to share a secret with you. A new condition we are all at risk of. If you look around you can see sufferers all around you. It causes unnecessary neck and back pain and as you get older will affect your mobility. We spend so much time hunched forward looking at phones/devices...

  • The 4 month old yogi

    The 4 month old yogi

    9th July 2019

    A few weeks ago, I was cuddling my baby grand-daughter. She was laying face down on me fast asleep. Iím sure many of us have experienced the simple joy and calmness of holding a sleeping baby Ė of course itís also nice to hand them back to their parents when they start crying! I noticed the...

  • The warrior love story

    The warrior love story

    28th April 2019

    I love a good warrior flow they help us so much, there's focus, strength and grounding in all of them. Have you ever wondered about the story behind these poses? They are from a love story about prejudice, revenge and forgiveness. The love story is between Lord Shiva who was married to Sati....

  • Enjoy the wobble

    Enjoy the wobble

    18th March 2019

    I've recently been thinking about balance. Many students get concerned about the wobble when they are in standing poses, especially when they lift a leg from the floor into a one legged balance pose. Well the good news is that the wobble is an important part of these poses. The wobble means our...

  • Does Ethan Hunt practice mindfulness

    Does Ethan Hunt practice mindfulness

    15th December 2018

    That was the question my husband asked me on our way home, after watching the latest Mission Impossible film at the cinema. It wasn't what I had expected him to say, but it certainly made me think. In my own life I see the benefit of mindfulness, as it helps me keep calm and focus on one thing...

  • My first yoga retreat in India

    My first yoga retreat in India

    24th November 2018

    This was the big plan for 2018. My friend (a fellow yoga teacher) and I had decided we wanted to visit India and stay at a yoga retreat. Even before qualifying it was something we wanted to do and it made sense to go on this exciting adventure together. Ideally we wanted to go away for five weeks...

  • What wants to be perfect? Not me!

    What wants to be perfect? Not me!

    3rd November 2018

    I saw these candles while I was away on holiday and they reminded me of the beauty to be found in the imperfect. We live in a world where the perfect body and beauty is admired and those who donít quite meet the normal perception of beauty are criticised. Think of those magazines that share close...

  • The magic of 5 breaths

    The magic of 5 breaths

    13th October 2018

    It sounds so simple doesn't it? Just take 5 slow breaths in each pose. When I first explained this to the class I could feel the reaction "that sounds easy". The 5 breaths means we hold the pose for longer. We start to wobble, its gets harder to hold everything in the right place and suddenly...

  • Life can be terribly tame

    Life can be terribly tame

    22nd September 2018

    Life as a yoga teacher can be lonely. I know that's hard to believe as it looks like we spend most of our time with a group of students. Certainly it's true that we all love the classes and the chat with students about what they like/don't like and different things we can do in class. We also...

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