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The magic of 5 breaths

13th October 2018

The magic of 5 breaths

It sounds so simple doesn't it? Just take 5 slow breaths in each pose.

When I first explained this to the class I could feel the reaction "that sounds easy".

The 5 breaths means we hold the pose for longer. We start to wobble, its gets harder to hold everything in the right place and suddenly those arms feels so heavy. It's surprisingly challenging.

I love how the 5 breaths helps students really sink into a pose. Holding the pose a bit longer means you really feel how the different parts of your body are coping with the pose and where you may need to make adjustments.

We did a really simple standing warrior sequence and it was wonderful for everyone to stay in each pose for longer. I found it really helpful to be able to walk round the classroom to help everyone. It gives people the time to really listen to their bodies.

It is also a great way to focus on the breath and mula bandha (root lock).

I love how this helps us find the space to de-stress. If you do a lovely Yoga flow in this way you don't think about those things that stress you as you are just concentrating on your body and your breath.

Why not give it a try? I would suggest trying it with 3-4 standing poses - for example Tadasana, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior and then step forward to a Tree before repeating on the other side. See if you can hold the poses a little longer and try to hold your arms dynamically - really stretching out. Feel strong and grounded.

Author: Sally Pearce (sallyjaneyoga)

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