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It's nearly Spring

1st March 2020

Itís nearly spring and next week (7 March) is the next of my occasional (usually monthly) Santosha Saturday Yin classes. So, I am busy planning a lovely spring sequence. Spring is a time for renewal, growth and expansion. We need to think about getting rid of the old heavy layers of winter (comforting and protective as they are) and opening ourselves to new experiences.

My yoga students will tell you that I am always going on courses and workshops to deepen my understanding of yoga and find new and interesting ideas to bring back to the class. So itís no surprise to share that I am on three courses this year. My two Yin courses start later in the year (one in April and one in June) but I wanted to share a bit about the Somatic Yoga Course I am taking with Charlotte Watts. 

Essentially, Somatics is a way of working where the focus is on how the movements feel inside and without thought for the external appearance. You generally move slowly into a movement flow - starting with a small movement and gradually expanding the stretch or movement. This can be a challenge for many students who suffer from second side syndrome Ė however many times we teachers remind students that itís about the journey to the pose, when we move to the second side we can see our students thinking ďoh yes I know this poseĒ and trying to go straight to the final element of the flow/pose. Donít stress if you do it, we all do Ė itís human nature!

In Somatic Yoga we start usually in a very comfortable position (Constructive Rest is my absolute favourite) and then we start with a slow movement Ė gradually stretching and twisting as guided by the teacher and as our body wants and needs. As the movement continues you see how the rest of your body wants to move along.

A gradual development of the movement means that you donít push your body into anything uncomfortable or that may injure you, you just let it naturally move.

I have already started to incorporate some Somatic Yoga into my classes as it is a beautify balance to both Vinyasa Flow and Yin.

An added benefit of Somatic Yoga is that itís great for combating stress and also all that lovely flow and twist is brilliant for our digestive health. Think how much better your digestion is if you move and open your body encouraging your internal organs to do their job Ė so much better than sitting hunched over a desk all day.

For details and to book into any of my Santosha Saturday classes please go to my Eventbrite page. 

Author: Sally Pearce (sallyjaneyoga)

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