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I am SallyJane and I love practicing and teaching yoga. I qualified to teach in 2016, for many that would be the peak of their yoga journey but for me it was a step on this amazing journey as I continue to explore new yoga experiences. My initial qualification was to teach Vinyasa Flow yoga but I am also qualified to teach many other styles of yoga - Chair, Yin, Somatic and Restorative (to name a few). 

I love to help my students along their yoga journey. As I get to know my students and their bodies I help them develop how they hold poses to best suit their needs and strengths/limitations. My classes are fun and inclusive.

Weekly Classes

I normally teach classes in my lovely studio in Tonbridge. 

Stretch & Strengthen

Stretch & Strengthen is usually a mixture of standing, seating and laying poses. The sequence depends on the season, weather and time of day. Sometimes it's a gently flow and occasionally we speed it up, but always balanced. Classes are run weekly on Monday at 7pm (online) and Tuesday at 7pm (in the studio).

Relax & Reset

Relax & Reset is a mixture of Yin, Restorative and Somatic yoga poses. There are no dynamic standing poses. Some poses are challenging and others are just a pure relaxing experience. The focus is in the breath, calming the mind and stretching the body. Classes are run weekly on Friday at 5.30pm (both online and in the studio). A perfect time to unwind at the end of your week. 

Garden Classes

When the weather is suitable, I teach some Saturday morning garden classes. 

Private Classes

I also teach private one2one and one2two classes. These are usually showing on the weekly class schedule but you are welcome to contact me to discuss further.