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I am SallyJane and I love practicing and teaching yoga. I qualified to teach in 2016, for many that would be the peak of their yoga journey but for me it was a step on this amazing journey as I continue to explore new yoga experiences. My initial qualification was to teach Vinyasa Flow yoga but in recent years I have become qualified to include many other styles of yoga in my teaching - Chair, Yin, Somatic and Restorative (to name a few). 

I love to help my students along their yoga journey. As I get to know my students and their bodies I help them develop how they hold poses to best suit their needs and strengths/limitations. My classes are fun and inclusive.

Weekly Classes

I normally teach classes in my lovely studio in Tonbridge. Due to Covid-19 I am mostly teaching on-line - with some garden classes during the warmer months. 

Stretch & Strengthen

Stretch & Strengthen is usually a mixture of standing, seating and laying poses. The sequence depends on the season, weather and time of day. Sometimes it's a gently flow and occasionally we speed it up, but always balanced. Classes are run weekly on Tuesday at 7pm.

Relax & Reset

Relax & Reset is a mixture of Yin, Restorative and Somatic yoga poses. There are no dynamic standing poses. Some poses are challenging and others are just a pure relaxing experience. The focus is in the breath, calming the mind and stretching the body. Classes are run weekly on Friday at 5.30pm. A perfect time to unwind at the end of your week. 

Garden Classes

When the weather is suitable, I teach some Saturday morning garden classes. These start in May - take a look at my weekly class schedule to book.  

Support my sisters

I also co-teach supportmysisters workshops with Patricia (breathewithpatricia). We teach yoga with a focus on how it makes us feel and with an appreciation that we are all different. You can view and book into one of our workshops on the supportmysisters Eventbrite page.